A downloadable game

Design, Art, and Audio: Jared Jewell (houzatosis)
Made for EPX Jam 2017

How To Run Game:

1.) Download .zip file
2.) Locate and extract the .zip file contents
3.) Run the "index.html" file inside the "universe_25" folder in your preferred browser

How To Play:

Interact/Action/Confirm: SPACE or ENTER
Pause: ESC

Reach the center of the main plaza and confirm to retrieve your food and end a cycle. Interact with your fellow mice along the way.


Universe 25 takes on a surrealist approach to the 1972 mice experiments conducted at NIMH under John Calhoun. These experiments were created to study the behaviors of mice when set in an environment in which all necessities are provided and no predators or disease could cause ill to the rodents. Four notable stages, referred to as the strive, exploit, equilibrium, and die periods respectively, demonstrated the changing social behaviors from different groups of mice at each stage.

The player takes on the role of a mouse recently selected for research. As they traverse from each stage, they will experience some of these changes among their peers across generations, ultimately coming across their own fate.

Made with RPG Maker (MV version converted from original 2k3)

Scripts used:
CoreEngine by Yanfly Engine Plugins
Region Restrictions by Yanfly Engine Plugins


universe_25.zip 6 MB

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