NOTE:  Plays best in Firefox and Edge.
Currently resolving audio playback issues in Chrome.

How to play:
Move: Arrow keys
Confirm: Enter,  Spacebar, Arrow keys

My submission for EPX Jam 2018. Based on the theme "Lost in an unfamiliar land."

Custom Art and Audio by houzatosis (Jared Jewell)

Made using Bitsy Game Maker by Adam Le Doux. Additional editing with Image to Bitsy by ruin.

Update 1.0.1 - Fixed a collision issue in the Moon room.

Release date Oct 21, 2018
Made withBitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, epx, Game Jam, Pixel Art, Surreal
Average sessionA few minutes


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This game is definitely one of the most atmospheric Bitsy games I've played.

The lighting effects especially really blew me away the first time I played it. They really show what you can achieve using Bitsy with some patience.

I really enjoy the eerie tone of this game and the music and the art fit it perfectly.

This is pure art! Very well done.

On a side note, sometimes it seems like movement lags a bit. I press the arrow keys but it'd take around a second for the protagonist to move.